Guide to types of civil cases

Going to court is a serious matter, and it’s important to understand the different types of civil cases that can be heard in a courtroom. In this article, we’ll explore the four major categories of civil cases-tort, contract, property, and family law. Each type of case has its own unique set of rules and procedures, so it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you go to court. Let’s get started!

Disputes over contracts

When one or more parties to a contract are unable or unwilling to carry out their obligations, a dispute may arise. This is frequently the case because contracts written in vague language generate varying expectations among the signatories, but it is usually due to one party overextending itself and not having enough money or personnel to do so.

Disputes about property

The distinction between real property and property law is important. Property law concerns quarrels about property ownership and the loss of property or real estate to one person. A civil litigation attorney may handle a variety of types of property disputes. Property line conflicts are one example, in which one owner claims that a neighbor has encroached on their side of the boundary between properties. Adverse possession is another example, in which someone claims to have taken ownership of land with the belief that he or she has been occupying it for an extended period.


A tort is a civil case in which one party claims that another caused them physical or emotional injury. Tort cases can take many shapes and include issues such as personal safety, property protection, and financial security. Assault or battery cases are examples of common torts concerning accident and injury. Negligence claims in which one person accuses a caregiver of failing to provide adequate care and support also constitute torts.

Family law

In a broad sense, family law includes any case that pertains to family or spousal relationships. One example of a family law case is divorce, in which an estranged couple’s property and assets are divided up.

Class Action Cases

A class-action lawsuit is similar to a tort case, with the exception that in these instances, the prosecution represents a group or class of people who have all been harmed by the same thing. These are frequently seen in defective goods and toxic materials incidents where the faulty item injured numerous people before being recalled.

Complaints Against the City

This is specific to the US. In most cases, complaints against the city or federal government are settled out of court, but if the government refuses to negotiate, these matters are generally handled as civil lawsuits. These claims can be brought in any situation where the claimant contends that city legislation or policy has harmed its citizens.

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