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About this website

This is a website for people interested in answers to litigation and dispute issues in both US and UK.

Please note that this website is not intended to replace impartial legal advice and you should seek legal representation where possible.

Let us introduce litigation in the US

A civil case is considered an objection to a petition (complaint) filed by an individual or group of people (plaintiff).

A civil case has 4 parts:

Jurisdiction – the court’s authority to hear the case. This depends on where parties live and whether there was injury in that area.

Venue – A civil action can also be classified as a tort, which is defined as any wrongful act that results in injury to another person, whether you are trying to win a case through negotiation or litigation, you need the assistance of a legal representative who will assist you in identifying and bringing forth your claim.

Tortfeasors – those responsible for committing torts. The defendants are usually those parties alleged to have caused harm.

Types of Claims – There are three types of claims: Tort, Contract and Property damage claims. For example, a car accident may lead to a liability claim if a party’s car was involved in an accident because the other driver violated traffic laws resulting in damages to party’s property (car).

Civil litigation in the UK is

Let’s consider one examples of civil litigation in the UK, so you can see how it works.

We’ll use the following example to explain how the court system works in general for all types of civil litigation. You had an accident with your neighbor where you were partially at fault and he was partially at fault as well, but not completely at fault because he violated traffic laws too. So during settlement negotiations, after both parties have huddled with their attorneys, they come to an agreement on liability – that is, who will be responsible for any damages caused by the accident (you’ll pay half of your neighbor’s medical bills).